A Budding Art Industry – Cannabis Lifestyle.

In today's society there are a list of many banned drugs which in coincidence are the five most used drugs by most individuals. These drugs are methamphetamine, cocaine, heroine, ecstasy and cannabis, out of all five of these drugs, the most scrutinized is cannabis. This drug is proven to be the most harmless illegal substance... Continue Reading →


A Budding Art Industry – Cannabis Persuasion.

Do you believe the negative effects of cannabis are more damaging than alcohol and tobacco? Personally, i don't think the effects are any worse and seeing as though alcohol and tobacco are legal; well so should cannabis. Presently it is illegal in certain countries, legal in some countries and strictly for medicinal purposes in other... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit Of Humanity

Welcome to the 21st century. Where sex is free, loyalty and honesty is questionable and love has become a pocket full of notes and quotes. Where losing your cellphone is worse than losing your values. Where fashion or trying to be popular is smoking, drinking and getting high, and if you do not than you... Continue Reading →


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